Customized Learing


If you have taken guitar lessons before, you may remember going to the back of a music store and being handed a copy of Mel Bay's Modern Guitar and being told to go home to practice. While a method book may be useful in teaching people how to read, it should not be the only curriculum in a teaching program. At Starliner Music  incorporates a customized curriculum along with teaching people the music they want to learn.  I can show you the songs that you want to play.   I can also teach you music theory, technique, improvisation, reading and more. We tailor your course of study according to your areas of interest. *It is, however, recommended that young students have reading, theory, and technique incorporated into their study.

The teaching studio at Starliner is equipped with computers. This allows me to incorporate computer software that enhances learning. One such program, Band in a Box, generates accompaniment for students so that they can work on their soloing skills. Another program can slow recorded music down so that student can practice slowly with it. Also, I often give out play-along practice CDs for improved learning.